In this article, we’ll cover stork yard sign rentals:

  1. What are some unique stork birth announcements that you can use to announce your baby’s arrival to the world? (Different Types: Twins, Boy, Girl, Etc. & Photos)
  2. Why should you consider choosing a Stork Handler Central Stork that has been branded and modernized?  
  3. How can you create a unique stork birth announcement for your baby’s arrival?
  4. Where can you find unique stork birth announcements that will fit your needs and budget perfectly?

Unique stork birth announcements you can use to announce your baby’s arrival to the world

Stork Birth Announcement Rentals are a unique yet traditional way to announce the birth of a baby . There are many different arrangements not only in regards to your choice of stork (the look) but in the design options for what will compliment your birth announcement. 

Expecting Twins? Take a look at some of these adorable stork yard sign rentals

This stork design is for a boy and girl twin. Here we made each stork design almost its own stork design with the beautiful stork placed in the middle, clouds surround it , and the piece that says “it’s a boy “ and “it’s a girl “ so that when the parents stand with each baby they are able to capture a perfect closeup shot of each baby with their stork. However, when you stand with the street our layering of the clouds and other mini display pieces make for one beautiful sight of a full birth announcement for both twin baby’s 

Sister Brother Stork Signs

The sister heart in the middle is a perfect add on option for those excited siblings. Picture a baby on each side and big sister proudly shining in the middle. A ‘picture perfect’ family photo opportunity! 

But there’s more! We are still gushing over this twin girl setup (below). Grand-mom planned this setup with us for weeks before these sweet girls made it into the world. They had a planned nice stay but held on for a couple weeks longer and ended up coming home together with the newborns only few days later! This family went with the traditional girl stork for both baby girls and a sweet mini display and light for each one. The mini display included two teddy bears hugging with a smaller sign that says “twins. “  In one picture this family was able to get everything and more ! 

Twin Girls Stork Yard Sign  

Next, check out our Boy and girl twins, IN ONE STORK! Our options are truly endless ! The family above was welcoming home a baby boy and baby girl but had a very small lawn and grandmom noted that mom and dad wanted to keep it “simple.” We worked with the family to design an option that worked for everyone and gave them the welcome home and pictures that they were after they were so very happy with this display that they called and extended their rental for another week! Proud big siblings were honored in a special way with their keepsake star! 

2-in-1 baby boy and girl stork sign rental

Last but not least, displayed below is one of our ‘Twin boys and big sister’ stork set-ups. This family rang us and told us “we want to celebrate these babies and big sister in a big way!”  They were so very excited to arrive home to our traditional stork package and big sister add on ! The lights made for a beautiful detail at night with blue, pink, blue lighting up the neighborhood. The detail in the cloud layering and use of shades of blues surely had new baby written all over it! 

Twin Storks on Lawn

Stork Rentals that include pets 

Stork Rental with Pet Paw Stork Yard Sign Rentals

This family wanted a delicate look with their fur baby’s paw incorporated (on the left). They had seen this little girls matching brother stork down the street and knew they needed to have it. Baby boy and girl neighbors were born within 3 days of one another and the neighborhood enjoyed the look of these two storks for over a week, we even received text messages from neighbors sharing how cool it was to see the matching boy and girl stork on two lawns in the neighborhood. There is something so very magical about just the sight of these storks even if it’s not even your baby! 

Stork Sign Rental with Pet Paw Keepsake

Grandparent arrangements 

Grandparents want to be celebrated too! We get calls for storks and also “something different” as most will say. If you are a friend of someone who is becoming a grandparent and you want to celebrate them but are not sure about a stork rental… we have this beautiful option of a teddy bear instead!. 

It's a boy baby bear keepsake

It's a girl baby bear keepsake

They will never forget the day their grandchild came into the world in fact the birth of a grandchild is so  nostalgic taking them back to the day their child was born. Help them celebrate this special milestone with our lovely teddy bear grandparent rental 

Why should you consider choosing a Stork Handler Central Stork that has been branded and modernized?  

Stork handler central brand is trademarked, tested and proves time after time to be a perfect birth announcement with lots of options to customize and personalize, with an adorable look. Days 2 remember has chosen to use stork handler central as the brand of stork that we carry because the stork has been modernized yet holds the same vibe as the traditional stork lawn sign rental that we all know and  love. If your looking for stork rentals in south jersey, visit our site!