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Most frequent questions and answers

If your rental is for outdoors, yes you need a lawn. We cannot install signs in pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, thick landscaping or hard packed soil. We are required to drive the stake into the ground 10-inches to the property to safely install the sign.

$25 each the new parents / siblings keep them at the end of the rental period.

Unfortunately, Days to Remember cannot deliver to apartments. We can deliver to town homes but please make sure your HOA allows signs. We do not offer refunds if we are unable to deliver the stork due to not having the gate code. 

We normally set up a separate sign for each baby. The first sign is priced at the regular rate. Each subsequent sign is discounted to $65.95. At the end of the rental period the new parents keep each personalized bundle. If you’d like to have a single sign for multiple births please email us days2rememberpro@gmail.com.

 If a sign for the grandparents is ordered at the same time as the sign for the new parents the rental price is discounted.. The bundle traditionally states “Proud Grandparents of (Baby’s Name) and the birthdate.the rental period the new parents keep each personalized bundle. If you’d like to have a single sign for multiple births please email us days2rememberpro@gmail.com.

  • Our lawn signs are delivered and picked up from the “shipping” address you designate at checkout.  New parents keep the personalized bundle and we will leave at the front door during pickup.
  • We strive to deliver your sign (s) within 24 hours of receipt of your order. 
  • Please check with us on delivery cost and availability before placing a rental order. Simply text us your city and zip and request shipping cost 856-857-8266
  • We do delivery to parts of PA and DE a delivery fee will apply.

Please note if you order any of our other products (diaper bouquet, tutu, hair bow or bow tie) with a stork, the delivery free will be waived for those other products. 

Here are the areas in which we deliver:
  • 08096 (BLACKWOOD TER), 08014 (BRIDGEPORT), 08020 (CLARKSBORO), 08312 (CLAYTON), 08322 (FRANKLINVILLE), 08027 (GIBBSTOWN), 08028 (GLASSBORO), 08039 (HARRISONVILLE), 08328 (MALAGA), 08051 (MANTUA), 08056 (MICKLETON), 08061 (MOUNT ROYAL), 08062 (MULLICA HILL), 08063 (NATIONAL PARK), 08344 (NEWFIELD), 08090 (OAK VALLEY), 08066 (PAULSBORO), 08071 (PITMAN), 08074 (RICHWOOD), 08080 (SEWELL), 08085 (SWEDESBORO), 08086 (THOROFARE), 08093 (WESTVILLE), 08094 (WILLIAMSTOWN), 08097 (WOODBURY HEIGHTS), 08010 (BEVERLY), 08011 (BIRMINGHAM), 08505 (BORDENTOWN), 08015 (BROWNS MILLS), 08016 (BURLINGTON), 08019 (CHATSWORTH), 08515 (CHESTERFIELD), 08022 (COLUMBUS), 08511 (COOKSTOWN), 08518 (FLORENCE), 08640 (FORT DIX), 08036 (HAINESPORT), 08041 (JOBSTOWN), 08042 (JULIUSTOWN), 08048 (LUMBERTON), 08052, (MAPLE SHADE), 08053 (MARLTON), 08641 (MCGUIRE AFB), 08055 (MEDFORD), 08057 (MOORESTOWN-LENOLA), 08060 (MOUNT HOLLY), 08054 (MOUNT LAUREL), 08224 (NEW GRETNA), 08064 (NEW LISBON), 08065 (PALMYRA), 08068 (PEMBERTON), 08073 (RANCOCAS), 08075 (RIVERSIDE), 08077 (RIVERTON), 08554, (ROEBLING), 08088 (VINCENTOWN), 08046 (WILLINGBORO), 08562 (WRIGHTSTOWN)
  • 19127, 19119, 19096, 19013, 19026, 19027, 19138, 19066, 19081, 19016, 19094, 19020, 19115, 19004, 19033, 19144, 19151, 19154, 19126, 19070, 19021, 19082, 19012, 19022, 19111, 19098, 19018, 19078, 19129, 19043, 19141, 19131, 19152, 19076, 19023, 19120, 19074, 19139, 19050, 19114, 19036, 19032, 19149, 19132, 19140, 19121, 19136, 19104, 19029, 19143, 19079, 19113, 19124, 19153, 19130, 19133, 19142, 19135, 19176, 19103, 19122, 19102, 19146, 19108, 19107, 19123, 19125, 19137, 19110, 19134, 19092, 19093, 19099, 19101, 19105, 19019, 19155, 19160, 19161, 19162, 19170, 19171, 19172, 19173, 19175, 19177, 19178, 19179, 19181, 19182, 19183, 19184, 19185, 19187, 19188, 19191, 19192, 19193, 19194, 19196, 19197, 19244, 19255, 19190, 19195, 19109, 19145, 19106, 19147, 19148, 19112
  • 08004 (ATCO), 08106 (AUDUBON), 08007 (BARRINGTON), 08031 (BELLMAWR), 08009 (BERLIN), 08012 (BLACKWOOD), 08102 (CAMDEN), 08103 (CAMDEN), 08104 (CAMDEN), 08105 (CAMDEN), 08002 (CHERRY HILL MALL), 08107 (COLLINGSWOOD), 08108 (COLLINGSWOOD), 08026 (GIBBSBORO), 08029 (GLENDORA), 08030 (GLOUCESTER CITY), 08035 (HADDON HEIGHTS), 08033 (HADDONFIELD), 08034 (KINGSTON ESTATES), 08045 (LAWNSIDE), 08021 (LINDENWOLD), 08049 (MAGNOLIA), 08109 (MERCHANTVILLE), 08059 (MOUNT EPHRAIM), 08110 (PENNSAUKEN), 08078 (RUNNEMEDE), 08081 (SICKLERVILLE), 08083 (SOMERDALE), 08003 (SPRINGDALE), 08043 (VOORHEES), 08089 (WATERFORD WORKS), 08091 (WEST BERLIN), 08095 (WINSLOW) 08084 (STRATFORD)

Yes, sales tax will be calculated during checkout. 

Please select your lawn signs and add to your cart via this link. The pricing is shown in the description. We will send you an invoice once we have checked availability for your date and quoted your delivery fee.

If you have questions during / before placing your order please give us a call 856-857-8266 or email us at days2rememberpro@gmail.com.

If cancellation occurs…
  • immediately, there is no cancellation fee.
  • after the work has begun, but before printing the custom sign, there is a $10 cancellation fee.
  • After printing the custom sign we are only able to refund delivery charge if the delivery has not yet been made. When you reserve a sign it becomes unavailable to other customers. Thank you for understanding.

Somewhat, please let us know you interested and would like a stork as soon as you decide. We will put a soft hold on the calendar to anticipate the arrival of your little one. Birthday and other signs can be reserved as soon as you know the date. 

Yes, when you order a diaper bouquet we will leave by the front door if no one is home as a florist would with flowers. Our bouquets come beautifully wrapped and can be customized to any color or theme. If you order a bouquet with a lawn announcement sign, delivery fee is waived for the bouquet. 

We offer stork signs for baby showers, pregnancy announcements, and gender reveal celebrations. We can display the signs indoors or outdoors depending on your needs. Personalized keepsake bundles or non-personalized general bundles are available.

Baby Shower Stork signs are your choice of a pink stork sign or a blue stork sign, and includes a personalized keepsake bundle or a general bundle for a 1 day rental. Stork signs make a perfect photo opportunity for guests and the personalized keepsake bundle can be a keepsake for each guest to sign! 

We also offer birthday, grad, anniversary, and other custom signs. 

One day, Five days, Seven days, or Ten days. Orders are delivered in the morning and picked up in the morning. If you have a one day delivery for Monday, we will arrive on Monday morning and pickup on Tuesday morning.

We are unable to refund if…

  • you make an error on your order, we can normally replace your order at a discount. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we can correct the errors (days2rememberpro@gmail.com or text 856-857-8266). 
  • We are unable to get into a gated community because we were not given a gate code or it doesn’t work.
  • The security guard at a gated community refuses to allow us entry Please note: We stay very busy and we can’t wait at a gate for more than 10 minutes while the guard attempts to contact the homeowner to grant access. It is important that you make arrangements with the guard to give us access prior to the moment of delivery.
  • The homeowner or recipient does not allow us to set up the sign or calls us to request that we pick up the sign prior to the end of the rental period
  • If a dog or other animal is threatening or refuses to allow us onto the property

We choose the best location possible for visibility, as well as for the best photo ops. That said, sometimes there are issues such as utility boxes, extra hard ground, automatic lawn sprinkler systems, tree roots or landscaping that will dictate placement. In those situations, we will use our best judgment as to location.

 If there is a specific location you’d like for the sign to be placed, please let us know when you order and we will do our very best to place it there. Pictures of the lawn and description will help us meet your expectation. 

 We cannot guarantee exact placement of the sign to your specifications if you are not home when we deliver the sign or you have not obviously marked the location in the yard with a tangible marker. We avoid placing under trees when possible as bird droppings can damage our yard announcement signs.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city or state. We cannot impede access to these areas or we could be fined by the city or county.

Please do not move or remove the sign! If you need the sign to be removed, please call us at 856-857-8266 and arrangements will be made to get the sign taken care of as soon as possible. Use caution with any lawn maintenance as any contact with the sign could cause damage. Please avoid these activities near the sign during the rental period.

Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. In the event a balloon would pop while attached to the sign, the latex may melt to the sign in sunny conditions causing permanent damage. If you notice any damage to the sign, please notify us at 856-857-8266 immediately.

The signs are not designed for climbing children and we are not responsible or liable for any injury involving the sign while on the renter’s property.  Upon ordering a lawn sign rental from Days to Remember, the homeowner accepts responsibility for the sign while on renter’s property.

We offer custom letters and other symbols if you would like to add to your design! 

At Days to Remember customer service is a priority. We are moms for moms,  if for any reason you are not happy or have questions, we are here for you! 

You can contact us via email days2rememberpro@gmail.com and we will respond 24-48hours or send us a text 856-857-8266 for more urgent matters.