What to expect when renting a lawn sign 

Renting a lawn sign can be a magical fun experience! For very little cost , you can turn your yard into a yard party! At Days2Remember, we offer yard signs with personalized decor, names, ages , themes, colors and more. Your yard sign rentals are secured once you make payment and we have sent you your full order summary. The next time you will hear from us will be the day of  delivery when you can expect a text to confirm a 2 hour window that works best for drop-off and set-up.

The best part? No need to worry about the clean up process or storing the yard decor. All lawn signs are installed and taken down by us. If you happen to be close by (we are located in South Jersey) and would prefer to save a few bucks by opting to pick up your yard signs, we offer that as well!

Birthday Lawn Sign Rental

What needs to be done before we arrive with your lawn sign rental? 

Try your best to have your grass cut at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery. If you have a lawn service, call them as soon as you secure your order and make sure they can work within the decided delivery timeframe, as it is very difficult for us to work around their schedule. Please note that damage from lawn service will be the full responsibility of the customer. Please plan accordingly. 

Special Requests

Snap a photo of the lawn and mark the area you would like the lawn sign to go. If you live on a corner property or would like us to angle the sign in a specific direction, please note your preference and let us know before we arrive. We are always happy to accommodate. 

Night Time Sign Display

Think about the evening time. Do you have an existing light set-up in your yard? If not, we offer rental lights for an additional $10 rental and we always recommend them as they add a lot of value to your lawn sign rental, it gives you almost double the time with the sign and ability to change up those social media pictures! 

Pro Tip: If it has been extremely hot with no rain, it is a good idea to water your lawn in the area where you would like your lawn sign(s) to go. 

How does weather affect my delivery and sign? 

We deliver in the rain but also offer the ability to  reschedule if you want to. This decision needs to be made before we are on our way to you. Regardless of the supplied time frame if we are experiencing lightning  we will be delayed .  We work with metal rods and need it to be safe to install. 

Worried about snow? No need. In that case, we would reach out to you to coordinate an appropriate reschedule day and time, ASAP. If conditions permit, and we are able to deliver before the snowstorm, we try to do our very best to do so and have your sign set up in time. Additionally, wind advisories may delay delivery and at times require us to reschedule. In these rare cases, we would be in contact with you throughout the process. 

Where can my lawn signs be installed? 

With a little bit of planning, Lawn signs can be placed almost anywhere!

Most often, you will find our “lawn signs” on a traditional front lawn (or back yard). However, we do offer bases which make it possible to have our lawn cards indoors as well! Signs are not installed in mulch beds. or pool decks. If you would like your sign installed in an area that is not a ‘traditional lawn’, we’d be happy discuss us our yard sign base option, which always us to set your sign up in unconventional terrain. 

Welcome Home Lawn Sign Rental

At the end of the day, when looking to create a lawn sign presentation for a special event, partnering with an expert helps save you time, money, and headache. We’d love a chance to chat and make your dream a reality.

Simply visit our site and fill out a form to get started! Interested in joining the yard sign fun? Visit Stork Handler Central to learn more about our Stork Handler Program.