Teacher appreciation day is the one time per year that falls in May, when you get to show gratitude for the role a teacher plays in the life of your child. Teachers are the people we, as parents, entrust with our children five days per week- seven hours a day. They are teaching them, helping them, bonding with them and helping to shape them into the adults they will grow into.

Finding a good, caring teacher for your children is a blessing and when you have a teacher in you and your child’s life who is meeting and exceeding your expectations it is important to let them know what they mean to you! While there are dozens of ways to show your gratitude on teacher appreciation day, from bringing them an apple on the last day of school, to making a poster with the entire classes input. At Days2Remember, we like to do celebrations in a unique way.

Unique Teacher Appreciation Day Idea

As the daughter of two teachers, I remember when my parents would come home on the day before winter break and summer vacation with dozens of cookies, chocolates, mugs cards and notes from both children and their parents thanking them for the time they spent together. As the world of social media is growing and evolving it is becoming more common to express gratitude in less traditional ways! Planning a surprise for a beloved teacher is an easy way to show just how much they mean to you. Yard cards have been used at schools to surprise and celebrate teachers throughout the school year for decades. With permission from administration: room parents, pta members, and school employees have organized yard cards to be placed on the schools lawn for school staff members.  Yard Cards are like giant greeting cards and notes to let teachers, students, and other staff know just how much we appreciate all that they do! They serve as a great way to decorate the lawn while building excitement for the day upon their arrival. Take extra advantage of the surprise by planning time during the day for staff and students to take pictures to be shared on social media and parents. Check out these examples of Teacher Appreciation Day in South Jersey:

Best Teacher Appreciation Lawn Sign

Teacher Appreciation Lawn Display

When looking to celebrate teacher appreciate day, It’s important to remember that teachers do not always get the credit they deserve, so a surprise like this usually gets an awesome reaction and you can be sure they will never forget it! 

The Thank You Note

When thanking a special teacher it is important to be specific about what you are thankful for and appreciate about them. Writing notes and including details about things they have done that have made your child feel special in their class or things that you appreciate as a parent will help to convey just how much you appreciate all that you are doing for your child.  Often, the simplest gifts are the most appreciated. A handwritten note from you or your child expressing gratitude is always appreciated and can be kept as a cherished memory. If you are looking for ideas to get your child involved, have them draw a picture or write a letter to their teacher. This is a great way for them to express what they are thankful for about their time in the classroom. If you’re gifting your teacher and showing thanks in a group, have everyone pitch in to for a gift card, and sign there name on the thank you card as well. It’s truly the little touches that make a difference. When coupled with an awesome lawn display, or a collective gift, you’re sure to bring a huge smile to your favorite teachers face!

How do I get Started?

The bottom line is that any gift, no matter how big or small will be appreciated by your child’s teacher. They will be touched that you took the time to think of them and show your appreciation. So, don’t wait until the end of the year to show your gratitude… let them know today how much you appreciate all that they do!

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