What are stork birth announcement lawn signs and why are they becoming popular with parents-to-be?

A Stork Birth announcement on a front lawn has been a tradition for over 100 years! Many years ago dad would make a birth announcement in the garage and as the tradition became loved and desired the process and service developed into what it is today, where you can rent your beautiful stork and receive a keepsake bundle. 

The idea of announcing the birth of a child is not a new concept, and what is a better way to spread the word than placing almost 6ft stork on the lawn? 

A stork birth announcement makes the perfect social media and keepsake photo!  In a culture of achieving the perfect photo op, this tradition has become even more popular. Imagine arriving home with your new baby and a photo spot has been arranged for you that is personalized and beautiful! 

Boy Stork Lawn Sign with Keepsake. Stork birth announcement

Girl Stork Lawn Sign with Decor

How do you choose the right company to create your stork sign for you and your new baby arrival announcement needs?

Choosing a company to help you celebrate your newborn or grandchild can be difficult. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice: 

1. Delivery Time & Policies

Some great ways to select the perfect fit for your family would be to understand their policies and times frames. When it comes to something this important, timing is everything and most should be able to accommodate a 24 hour turnaround time. 

2. Type & Quality of Stork Lawn Sign

Request pictures of their stork birth announcement lawn signs, not all storks are created equal! We travel over 100 miles at times because our birth announcements are so much better than what might be offered in a customer’s area. The way your stork looks matters, because the picture moment matters (and so does the awesome family photo you cherish for years to come). 

3. Options for Customized Add-ons and Keepsakes

Understand if you will need to pay more for a keepsake bundle or if they will provide it as part of the rental price quoted. Ask them if there is the option to add on special pieces and keepsakes for other family members!

4. Legitimacy of the business

Make sure they are an incorporated business, extra points if they have claimed their business on Google. This tells you that they take their business seriously, and it’s not just a side hustle. 

Look for reviews across the different platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yelp and other reputable sites to see what other customers are saying. Do they have reviews? If not, why? 

See how long they have been in business, a new business doesn’t mean they won’t be a good business but that might open additional questions you would want to address before delivery. 

What are some of the different types of stork lawn signs that are available on the market today – which one is right for you and your family’s unique style and personality traits?

There are a few options for stork lawn signs. 

Option 1: You make your own (DIY). While some opt for this, the con to this option is… what will you do with the 6ft tall bird after you’ve used it already, and do you really have the time to design and create this piece in time? 

Option 2: You can run a quick google search of “Stork rental business near me,” and work through the steps listed above to find the right rental company for you. 

At Days 2 Remember we use the stork brand from Stork Handler Central. Our image is copyrighted and undergoing official trademark. Our storks are special and unique as unlike many of our competitors, you will have many style options and displays around the feet to compliment the theme! Some examples of our themes include; Traditional, Baseball, Golf, Beach Babe, Snow Baby and many more!

Baseball Themed Stork Sign With Cap

Once you have chosen the perfect stork sign company, what kind of design options do you have when creating your very own, one-of-a-kind sign to welcome your little bundle of joy into the world?!

After choosing Days 2 Remember to welcome home your new baby, you will be sent a brochure with multiple stork designs and package options to create a one of a kind stork display! With more than 18 options to choose from and even the option to create your own theme (with 10 weeks notice)! 

Additionally, you will have the choice to add a sweet mini display to your Stork Birth Announcement Lawn Sign! You’ll have options such as traditional baby, baseball, beach baby, snow baby, pearls and bow ties, American made, golf baby, etc. 

At Days 2 Remember, we do not just stick a stork on your front lawn! You will be able to fully customize your stork display- from the theme of your stork to the little details and flare placed with care around the stork to create a stunning display for both the parents and new baby!

When it comes to your special day… it’s the little things that count!

How much does a custom stork birth announcement lawn sign typically cost? Is it worth the price tag for such an amazing keepsake that can be enjoyed by your family for years and years to come?!

A stork rental can go anywhere from $89 to $380+. At Days 2 Remember we work tirelessly to provide you with a Stork Birth Announcement Lawn Sign that is affordable and years ahead of anything else on the market. Your family will only arrive home for the first time, one time EVER there is no better way to celebrate this milestone than a stork birth announcement. 

A cute tradition we practice in our own house is every birthday we use our keepsake bundle to snag a picture. Not only does it bring alive the memory of the day we brought our daughter home, but it serves as the perfect time tracker of her growth. The nostalgia around these mystical creatures is undeniable and a memory your family won’t want to miss! 

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