Hey there! Thanks for checking out our rainbow birthday party décor inspiration! In this article we are going to discuss at a high level our process in how we plan and execute events. Hot tips on things you might want to consider when planning, and walk you through this beautiful event! 

Rainbow Birthday Party Background Info:

Reese is a very loved little girl, whose family wanted to celebrate her first birthday in a big way! Reese and her brother are both IVF babies and those who understand this struggle know that celebrating a birthday is SO IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL!  Our process for our full event setups is simple. We have an initial phone call to review what you’re thinking about for your event logistics; time, space, number of guests, priority list of what you would like to see happen, colors, decor ideas. 

Next, we create an inspiration board and color palette. This is extremely valuable as this is the piece all your vendors can share to help bring the full vision together in a cohesive manner.

It is ideal to work with a vendor who either can do most of the priority list or have strong vendor connections as this will get you the most bang for your buck and less work on your end.  Check out our end result for the Reese inspiration board! 

Birthday Theme Color Pallet

1st Birthday Party Design Board

Areas to consider when planning your next party 

Key pieces people forget when coordinating an event are details such as if you hire someone to do centerpieces and someone else to deliver tables , but the centerpiece vendor arrives before the tables are set to arrive.  Tents are another big issue we often run into. It’s recommended to discuss and lock in your setup date before you secure a tent vendor.

Hot tip – we always try to get our tents delivered the day before our events. This allows us to have bigger items delivered such as tables and chairs, bars, backdrop walls, juke boxes etc.

The next morning we can begin our decorating, as we are not waiting for these large items to arrive to either work around. 

Though Days 2 Remember is most known for our yard signage and stork rentals we also can plan and execute your event start to finish for a better price then any other decorator because we manufacture our own brand.

Cut outs, props etc. can really make an event but they also can get costly because other vendors do not have the ability to design and print at the price that we can accommodate because of the mass quantity we produce. 


Cute centerpieces like the one below are a fun way to really dress up a table. If you have an image you would like to see throughout your event, for example this particular event was about the boho rainbow, we can design and print you centerpieces that really add value to your overall decor. 

Rainbow Birthday Party Themed Table Centerpiece

Pictured above are the rainbows you see throughout Reese’s whole party. With a little light up bonus for the clouds. It’s not a rainbow birthday party without rainbows! 

Tables and chairs 

This piece is the most overlooked cost effective ,WOW!  If you are renting from a venue , request pictures of the product.  linen is a sure way to really dress up any folding table and/ or chair.

6 Foot Long Party Tables:

Party Table Rentals - 6 foot table

60 inch round tables: 

Round Party Table Rental

*Note how a chair cover on a white folding chair makes these images really pop in photos. 

Folding Chair and Table Rentals:


Folding Chair and Table Rentals

This picture is of table linen which the customer provided. Certainly all together it does come together, but chairs with linens like above will take your event decor up a notch.

Also an important matter to consider is when using plastic table cloths, any bit of wind will continue to blow them up. The wrinkles from the way in which they are packaged is almost impossible to get out. 

Yard Signs 

Never underestimate the value of the yard sign. This decor is literally the cheapest decor you will find in terms of a professional coming to your home, installing it, and taking it down. There is no effort on your part other than sharing your vision , which is why an inspiration board is one of the most important steps you take from the beginning. 

Check out our process for this party. First, we designed the sign on our design program using elements from our inspiration board.

Birthday Sign Design

Then we get to witness the beauty in real life! 

Rainbow Happy Birthday Lawn Sign

The yard sign has so many purposes, first , it tells people where the party is actually happening (forget taping a little balloon to the mailbox) . Second, it sets the tone for your party, with your theme and colors written across the lawn you are starting the event experience for your guest.

Allow them to feel like they are being transferred into another place, adults and children will both feel the excitement as they pull up to your bold lawn sign decor! 

Baby Birthday Yard Sign

Next, it serves as a fabulous photo op. Make time during your party to take those group pictures. When the memory fades you will be left with lovely keepsakes you can share on social & print for the home.

Hot tip – consider hiring a photographer for your larger milestone events.

For a couple hundred dollars you will not need to worry about catching each and every memory, you can enjoy that first cake smash, or the present you were dying to give, because someone is there to photograph it all .

On a personal level every one of our events are photographed and its one of the best decisions we make when planning a party!  Checkout how we used yard cards throughout this event to keep the party theme going in areas that were otherwise empty:

Rainbow Yard Sign Add Ons

^ this area was between groups of tables and beyond the in-ground pool. There wasn’t much space to put anything of real use here so we filled it with a decorative piece – that way, when walking into the back and looking toward the pool, you were constantly reminded you were at Reese’s first birthday whose theme is all about that rainbow! 

Yard Decorations

Side yard art , guests were greeted by the large yard sign and walked back through the gate to Reese’s rainbow wonderland.  We loved this design so much we stopped for our own little photo op 😉 

Days2Remember Team Selfie

Our yard sign services are now one of South Jersey’s top sought after event decor, check out some of our reviews here  Facebook Reviews GOOGLE Reviews  Here is a review from this specific party:

Days2Remember Facebook Reviews


How do you decide on the colors?  Deciding on the colors to use in your balloon decor is an important, sometimes overlooked step. Again, this is where your inspiration board comes into play. If colors are set from the beginning this makes its easy for your balloon artist to follow the undeniable theme. Some important factors to consider – such as use case etc. 

The next thing you need to consider is your “use case.” Yes, it’s to decorate but what else are you hoping to achieve with your balloon display? We discussed a little bit about this in the “backdrop section” as balloons and backdrops go hand and hand. Balloon art is not on the “affordable cheap end” and honestly it shouldn’t be “cheap.”  

If keeping cost low is the priority for your party your best bet is to order balloons on amazon and inflate them on your own. Here’s the concern about this piece — balloon art is particular, the beautiful Pinterest post you see comes down to the details.

Details, practice, love and lots of time. Balloon art can’t be set up days prior; it’s more specific to the time of the event , which means booking ability is down to the hour in which it’s needed.

There are a lot of things from a decorators perspective that can go wrong with balloons; we have to consider transport, weather, location, height, etc.

Why do you hire a professional vs doing it yourself?

You can go to the “hair cuttery” or you can go to the Boutique in town. There is nothing “wrong” with the ‘hair cuttery’ –but the point is they appeal to keeping price low and making hair cuts affordable, that is their priority.

The boutique in town doesn’t promise to be the cheapest, they promise to give you great value for the money you spend. If you want that detailed balayage look you have pinned to your “hair pinterest board” then you go to the boutique in town. If you’re getting a 7 year old boy’s hair trimmed and know you will be back in 2 weeks you go with the ‘hair cuttery’.

So choosing the right professional comes down to your own unique needs.  When you decide to do the decor yourself you need to consider how much time you really have? Every arrangement takes hours before we are even onsite ( that’s people who do this all day everyday, full time) . How long do you think it will take someone for the first time? 

Since this detail cannot be put together fully until right before the event, you need to be okay with the fact that the end result may not look like the picture in your phone.

There will be little that can be done at that point in time. When you hire a professional and they say they can deliver on the picture you have in mind – you can be reassured after viewing their work that this in fact is true. 

It takes a lot of pressure off of you for the day of event prep.    We offer grab and go garlands which are a great compromise for someone who is willing to install and keep our calendar open for someone who needs us to install. Otherwise you can expect to start around $265 for a balloon garland.

The process for those who want to order a balloon display

If you are interested in ordering a balloon display, need you to fill out a form, we can then send you our balloon catalog which walks you through different frames, arches, designs, and price points for each.

We ask for the date of your event in order to check our calendar for availability, we highly recommend that if you know you want balloon decor that you make sure you place those orders as soon as you have the event date and time.

We do not book without a time because we cannot block for the entire day. Once all logistics have been decided we will guide you through a conversation about use case to make sure you get the most out of your arrangement. 

Backdrop area 

Consider a backdrop for these types of areas ; the main entrance, the cake / favor table, the area where gifts will be open  We offer a range of backdrops ; grass walls, shimmer walls, wood vinyl, vinyl backdrops, custom backdrops. 

We chose an area that people walked right into as they entered the backyard, they first saw the sign then followed a trail of roses to lead them to the gate the host wanted them to use, to be greeted by this beautiful entrance.

When choosing this area we loved that it was the first thing guests would see as they entered but we also coordinated with the host on where baby girl was going to have her cake smash. 

When spending money on a backdrop it will be 100% worth it if you think through the use case as more than just “decor,” what good is a backdrop if when opening presents someone is sitting in front of a window where the sun is just pouring in?  Or if when having your cake smash your background captures the backyard trees?

Put your backdrop to good use!   By also putting the donut wall here we created the opportunity for guest to continue to go back and revisit this spot which also triggered them to think  about taking photos!  P.S: Note the use of yard cards again in this area First use case: entrance (WOW!)

Rainbow Party Theme Entrance

Second Use Case: PHOTO OPS!

Happy Baby with Party Balloons

Family Photo Shoot at Party Entrance

Donut wall 

Donut wall rentals are such a sweet way to add to your overall event. You can either use for desert time, upon guest arrival, near the cake or favor table, or event make it a whole station and use it for your favors ! Our donut walls are super inexpensive for only $50 you can have this at your next event! Self pickup options available!

  Party Donut Wall

Needless to say… the kids love it!

Other considerations for your backyard party 

There are so many amazing concepts you can combine and choose from. Check out Foam parties, Softplay , and bounce houses. We also work with a network of vendors who provide princess / super hero appearances , face painting , etc.

If you are interested in discussing more about your next big event whether it be a baby shower, gender reveal, wedding, retirement, birthday, or welcome home… we are here to help!