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Minnie's Magical Moments

Here at Days 2 Remember, we LOVE a good party! Combining our high quality yard signs and party décor with other amazing professionals in the area brings us great joy! One of our favorite vendors around is Minnie’s Magical Moments! We have teamed up with their professional characters and face painters in the past and look forward to each and every event we share with them!

Combining our expert party designs with Minnie’s top of the line character rentals is a way to ensure your event is fun, exciting and memorable for everyone who attends!

Get to know more about Minnie’s Magical Moments in this post!

What makes Minnie’s Magical Moments stand out according to other companies?

We have some of the best, high quality mascots that look the most accurate to the role!

We’re constantly upgrading and investing monthly to make sure Minnie’s Magical Moments is staying up to date and finding the best quality costumes

We make sure our characters learn everything about their roles from the details to the character/songs, makeup, dances and poses. We make sure all tattoos are covered, piercings aren’t visible and overall take pride with attention to detail. 

We make sure when staffing we consider all details from complexion, eye color, hair color etc.

As a business owner I don’t need to be at the events because I trust my team to be sent out on their own but I take pride in trying to be at as many events as possible ensuring everything runs smoothly and going above and beyond expectations.  

We’ve hit several news stations with our events including national news!

(6abc, ABC, NBC10, PHL17, Fox 29, KWY & CBS3)

Minnies Magical moment 
Minnie’s Magical Moments: Daisy

What is a “princess experience” and why should you have one for your child?

I chose my business name, Minnie’s Magical Moments, for exactly what it is. Magical moments… Our characters do everything in their power to deliver the best quality service and give children memories that they’ll never forget and moments that will last a lifetime. We arrive with loud themed music and do everything in our power to make the experience magical and authentic. 

We’ve had moms cry from the overwhelming emotions they feel when a character arrives and their children run to them with open arms. We make sure we’re providing entertainment for the entire length of the party/event and keeping the kids happy and occupied while you get to relax and soak in the moment after all your hard work is done from hosting the best party! 

Princess Party, Minnie's Magical Moments
Minnie’s Magical Moments: Alice

My advice on booking a party:

If you can, hire someone else to handle everything so it’s less stressful. Most importantly hire a photographer! Too many people get stuck behind phones and don’t enjoy the moment. At the very least, hand someone else your phone so you can enjoy every magical moment. ??

How to make your child feel like the belle of the ball on their special day!

We have a few different outfits from each movie and different scenes. We love when parents ask which costume the character will be wearing so their child can match with a princess crown of course. 

Plan a birthday party that is fit for a princess:

Ask yourself: who’s your child’s favorite character? Do they have more than one movie? If so, which one is their favorite? Pick the outfit from their favorite movie and make sure your little one matches for the best photos! From there it will be easy… you’ll have your color scheme for the party, cake, balloons, backdrop, décor and more! 

Minnie's Magical Moments
Minnie’s Magical Moments: Face Painting

Why did I start this business: 

One day I was in a cartoon marathon with my little sister. We were going through a list of cartoon movies and checking off how many movies we’ve seen while watching each one. At the time it had been 2 years since I kind of lost myself and wasn’t sure what I was doing with my life.

I happened to be on Facebook one night and I saw someone popup on my feed that was doing cosplay events and I said to myself… Wait a minute… This just makes sense. This is what I want. That was back in 2018 and I never would’ve thought that I’d be where I am today. We’ve traveled over 3 hours for events and we’ve gotten that far by word of mouth and just doing what we can to produce the best product. 

The best part about what we do:

Over the years I’ve met many people through business but there’s a few in particular that have changed my life. I’ve worked with several different cancer organizations 2 who hold a special place in my heart in particular Poppop’s Kustom Kars and Kisses for Kyle.

We’ve done countless events from Poppop’s custom car deliveries with a character, parades and so many more events. We’ve worked with kids who have beat cancer and some who didn’t. For the ones that didn’t… I’ll never forget them, none of us will. We helped give them a magical moment that their families will forever cherish and always hold onto. 

What it’s like the week of an event:

Emails, coordinating and booking of course

When booking Minnie’s Magical Moments make sure I’m considering everything when checking who is available such as complexion, facial features, eye color. Making sure they match the character as perfect as possible 

Each costume is pulled the week of and organized. All wigs are combed through making sure they’re perfect and every costume is steamed and prepped. This is a small detail that no one knows I do with every single costume even if it’s a party of 20. But I promise you’d notice if I didn’t do it! All the details matter. All makeup is custom to whatever character is being portrayed. 

Once a month I go on a shopping spree for the gift bags characters bring for the person whose birthday it is; customizing it to their theme. Everything in my home is insanely organized to make sure everything remains in the best quality. Costumes are cleaned after every use!  

Types of events to hire us for:

  • Brunch w/ characters 
  • Birthday parties 
  • Tea parties 
  • Weddings- Character Officiants 
  • Store Grand Openings
  • Festivals
  • We’re going to Disney announcements
  • Parades
  • Ballroom events 
  • School/Daycare events
  • Birthday parties in school
  • Venue collaborations (funplex, Infinity Live)
  • Character meet and greets
  • Fundraisers
  • Non-profit events
  • Library event
  • Calendar Breakdown-
  • January- Winter Wonderland (Frozen)
  • February- Sisterly Love (Elsa & Anna)
  • April-Celebrating warmer weather 
  • May- Mother’s Day with some of the original princesses for Tea Parties (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) 
  • June/July- Warm events & Moana/Ariel Beach/pool parties 
  • August/September-Back to School Events 
  • October-Mickey & Minnie Halloween outfits 
  • November-December- Santa, Elves, Olaf & Frozen characters Mrs. Claus, Elf on the Shelf (The day after thanksgiving or Dec. 1)
Minnie's Magical Moments,  Princess Party Near Me
Minnie’s Magical Moments: Santa

Characters & the appropriate names:


  • Elsa-Snow Queen
  • Anna-Ice Queen, Ice Princess or Snow Sisters 
  • Jasmine- Arabian Princess
  • Ariel- Little Mermaid 
  • Mulan- Warrior Princess 
  • Tiana- New Orleans Princess
  • Belle
  • Moana- Island Princess 
  • Mirabel- Magic Sister/Family
  • Luisa, Isabella, Dolores, Pepa & Bruno- The Magic Family
  • Rapunzel 
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Alice
  • Sleeping Beauty 
  • Elena of Avalor- Latina Princess
  • Merida- Scottish Princess
  • Tinker Bell- Little Fairy
  • Lilo- Hawaiian Friend 


  • Mickey- Mouse Friend
  • Minnie-Mouse Friend 
  • Donald- Duck Friend
  • Daisy- Duck Friend
  • Elmo- Red Monster
  • Cookie Monster- Blue Monster
  • Julia- Autism Awareness Mascot
  • Easter Bunny 
  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Paw Patrol 
  • Olaf- Snowman 
  • Dinosaur-Rexi 
  • Buzz LightYear- Space Ranger 
  • Cocomelon- Baby JJ
  • Sonic- The Fast Hedgehog 
  • Mario- The Super Red Brother 
  • Stitch- Experiment 626 
  • Blues Clues- Blue Doggy 
  • Baby Shark- Yellow Shark 


  • Spider-Man- Spider Hero 
  • Captain America- The American Hero
  • Thor- God of Thunder
  • Captain Marvel- Captain Hero
  • Miles-Boy Arachnid 
  • Black Panther- Panther Hero
  • Black Widow- Widow Hero
  • Batman- Bat Hero
  • Superman- Super Hero 
  • Wonder Woman- Wonder Hero
  • Other Characters:
  • Christmas Carolers 
  • Aladdin- Arabian Prince 
  • Santa’s Elves- Helpers
  • Santa
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Jessie- Cowgirl 
  • Woody- Cowboy
  • Princess Leia- Galaxy Princess
  • Luke Skywalker- Jedi  
  • Mary Poppins- Magic Mary 
  • Barbie- Lifesize Fashion Doll
  • Kristoff- The Ice Harvester 
  • Generic Mermaid 

Minnie’s Magical Moments will be prominently featured at The Baby Expo of South Jersey March 25, 2023! They will be featuring complimentary character meet and greets as well as face painting for all of the families in attendance!