What is a foam party? 

Foam parties are quickly becoming a top new trend for warm weather parties! Adding a foam pit to your party will effortlessly add a ton of fun and excitement for party guests of all ages. There are many options to choose from when adding foam…

Do you want a foam pit to contain the bubbles? No foam pit? Have the foam pit flowing into your pool? Colored Foam? This unique addition to your party is something that will be an effortless addition to your party that your guests are sure to enjoy!

Foam Party Pit

Are foam parties for kids?

Foam parties are not just for children’s parties! While they are the perfect addition to backyard birthdays, school events such as “Bubble Day”, Field Day, and summer school programs – foam parties are also a fun addition to adult events as well!

Events such as girls night out, 21st birthdays, pool parties, graduation parties and other ‘warmer weather’ parties will be leveled up by adding a foam party! At Days 2 Remember we have seen first hand the endless fun that people of all ages have when they host a foam party! 

We also offer colored foam or glow party add ons:

Glow in the Dark Foam Party

Do I need a Foam Machine Rental?

When planning a foam party the only thing you will need to provide is the space and access to a hose! We will provide you with the foam machine, foam pit, and any other accessories that are included in your foam party package.

We will set up the foam party space and provide an attendant to ensure the foam is flowing out correctly. 

Foam party rentals start at one hour rental for $265, two hour rentals at $499 and each additional hour for $55!

Rental includes 1 or 2 hours of foam fun, foam pit, props for added foam fun, one attendant to set up, watch over the foam machine & clean up the foam area.

What about cleaning up the foam?

This event requires very little clean up! Our attendant will pack up the foam supplies and water the area to ensure the foam bubbles have dissolved! The area will be wet after the party.

Our top of the line bubbles are anti-bacterial and safe for humans, pets, grass and pool water! Cleaning up is fast and easy! 

Pit Overflow at foam parties

What does a kids foam birthday party look like?

Days 2 Remember foam parties can be customized to fit your party needs! Our expert team has been trained to ensure each party is safe and fun for everyone in attendance. We can control the flow of the foam to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Foam Pit! We provide the foam pit, bubbles, and small toys for children to find and play with during the foam party.

Foam Pit and Bubbles! Our foam pit can be filled to your preference! We can have the bubbles overflowing the pit or dial it back so it’s more manageable for little ones!

Kids having a foam party

And you can even have a Foam Party without the pit! You can let the foam flow freely into the designated area!

This will allow for more children to play at once!

Foam Party

Ultimately, foam parties can be a great way to add some fun and excitement to your child’s birthday or special occasion. It can also make for an interactive and unique party experience that all guests will enjoy.

It’s the perfect addition to a summer toddler birthday party!

If you want to learn more about our foam party set-ups and foam machine rentals – click here!


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