Why are soft play parties so popular?

Soft play is increasing in popularity, with soft playgrounds popping up all over the area there has been an increase in demand for at home soft play parties! Soft play rentals are a unique way to turn any space into a fun and safe playground for your children!

Children are always thrilled to see their own personal soft play party set up! When you rent your child their own soft play playground they have endless opportunities for fun!

From sliding into the ball pit, using their imagination to build with the soft play towers, or riding on the rocker, there are many ways the soft play equipment can be used in a safe and controlled environment.

Soft play parties allow parents to rest easy knowing that their little ones are having fun without any risk of getting hurt.

They can sit back and enjoy spending time with family and friends while making sure their children are happily engaged in active play. Furthermore, soft play parties offer parents a simple way to organize a safe and affordable birthday party without the hassle of going out or creating extra stress by cleaning up a rambunctious group of young guests afterwards.

Our soft play set up is completely fenced in, we provide foam floor mats, and make sure all of the equipment is cleaned and sanitized for your event! Our expert staff will set up and break down your rental so you can sit back and enjoy the day without having the stress of setting up or cleaning up!

What ages is soft play appropriate for?


Soft Play fun

Soft play is a fun and exciting addition to any party!

Children ages from 1- 5 will typically get the most out of a soft play playground! The soft play equipment is designed so that the little ones will be able to effortlessly play in a safe environment that was created just for them!

What do soft play parties look like?


Soft Play Equipment Set Up

At Days 2 Remember, each of our soft play set ups include:

  • A fenced In play yard
  • Gray and white soft play mat,
  • Foam Ball Pit with gray and white balls
  • Soft Play Ball Pit
  • A Soft Play Rocker
  • Step and tunnel climber,
  • Small Soft Play ‘Step and Slide’
  • Soft Play Stack and build tunnel
  • AND two ride on animals!

We offer add ons to personalize your soft play experience!

Soft play parties can be both indoors and outdoors, providing a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy. They are ideal for birthday parties or celebrations as they offer plenty of activities that will keep the children entertained.

Indoors, soft play areas are often fitted with foam blocks, tunnels, slides, climbers, and other objects that provide a safe area for crawling or running around on.

Outdoors, soft play items such as balls pits, spring riders, bouncy castles and crawl tubes can also be used in order to create an exciting environment filled with laughter.

You can choose to include a child’s table and chair set, balloons, yard cards, and a donut wall. We also offer custom backdrop displays, centerpieces and more!

Looking for Soft Play Rentals in New Jersey?

If you are looking for an easy, fun and safe activity for your next event, soft play rentals are a wonderful option. Both Indoor and outdoor events can benefit from soft play rentals in New Jersey.

Days 2 Remember offers top of the line soft play rental equipment that will provide the children with hours of entertainment in a safe and controlled environment while allowing the adults with children to be active participants in your event without the added stress of their children becoming restless or getting into things!

Kids Playing in Soft Play Foam Pit

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