This article is going to cover some awesome examples of funny yard signs in South Jersey! The beauty of yard signs is that you can get as creative as your heart desires – and there’s a sign for every occasion! Whether you’re pulling a prank – celebrating a birthday, special occasions or exciting victories yard signs are a great addition to any celebration! 

Examples of Funny Yard Signs in South Jersey

Nuts Flocking Yard Sign

‘THIS IS NUTS – UNCLE SAM IS 70’! You can imagine uncle sam woke up with a big smile seeing dozens of squirrels and nuts scattered across his yard.

Cow Yard Sign in South Jersey

Have a farmer or animal lover in your life? Why not have them wake up to a second herd of cows in their front lawn!

80th Birthday Funny Yard Sign

What better way to make Mom laugh on her 80th birthday then place a Happy 40×2 Sign on her front lawn?!

Funny Yard Signs in South Jersey

‘WACKADOO, OLIVER IS 2 TWO’ – A creative way to celebrate their son’s second birthday. While he may not be conscious now, just wait till he sees the pics when he is old enough!

Happy 40th Flag Day Funny Sign

Kick off that Milestone in a patriotic fashion with a Unique Happy 40th – this one fell on the same day as flag day!

Penguin yard flocking birthday announcement

A frosty penguin yard flock for a Friends Birthday in Burlington County, NJ.

Poop Emoji Funny Yard Sign

Last but not least… what better way to wake someone on their birthday with a massive smile on their face… then a yard flocked with poop emojis.

I mean, we did say you could get as creative as you want! When it comes to funny yard signs – the sky is the limit.

There are so many more! If you like these, check out our Instagram!

Where can I get one?

Perhaps the most important question… luckily, Days 2 Remember is proud to help you celebrate all of life’s special occasions! Through the years we have been delighted to be included in inside jokes and help to facilitate joy with our yard sign rentals! We have the first hand opportunity to help people in the tristate area surprise family and friends! Renting a yard sign is a truly unique way to showcase exactly what you love about the person we are celebrating 

By renting a yard sign through a company you will be given the opportunity to choose multiple themes and styles of yard sign. You can customize it however you see fit and work as many details of your loved one into the sign!

You can also purchase your own yard card through retailers! This option will allow you to have the sign to use again at one cost. When choosing to buy vs rent it is important to consider that the quality of some signs may vary, and the cost to personalize your sign will increase significantly!

Days 2 Remember designs each sign we put out to ensure all of our customers receive high quality products and service.