Say Hello to Ben & Kelly 

your friendly household Yeti’s 

Today, they’re here to remind you of 

the true reason for the season!

They are spreading joy to whom all they know 

and though you will be sad to see them go 

You can help the fun and cheer grow! 

To help them grow their kindness seeds

everyday perform a good deed!

Whether you choose to do a household chore,

or donate an item you got from the store

Ben & Kelly will be there each day

and you will be helping them get on their kind way

by doing kind tasks with a grateful heart

your next year will surely be off to a good start

Perform a kind deed each day in December.

It surely will be a special time to remember!

The perfect elf on the shelf alternative

The yeti is a learning opportunity for all ages to discuss and understand that our exterior covering is just that -although the yeti can be viewed as a monster, Ben and Kelly Yeti are the most gentle, kind, loving souls who wish to spread love wherever they go.

The concept is similar to that of the elf on the shelf except we wanted to make it more inclusive. Our yeti is simply the best elf on the shelf alternative on the market.

We all have heard of the “elf” and though it’s a great concept we were concerned locally we were missing other markets that celebrate the holidays but not Christmas and so we developed the yeti project. 

Ben and Kelly- the kindness yetis- were created to spread joy throughout the month of December, they are not Santa’s scouts, they do not have any religious or cultural ties and they were created to be racially ambiguous.

Our goal is to see that all children and every family have a place in their home for the kindness yetis! Ben and Kelly come with a backstory- they are a married couple living in the North Pole.

They come down from the North pole each December to help encourage us to spread joy and kindness throughout the month of December in hopes of turning this project into a habit.

Instead of joining your family for a month to scout for Santa, the yetis wish to encourage their families to perform kind deeds and spread joy during one of the most busy and stressful times of the year.

The yetis would like to see their families do one kind deed a day throughout the month of December. The kind deed should not be extravagant- something as small as helping a parent with an extra or sharing a kind memory with a friend!

The yeti is about spreading kindness, the reminder that good deeds matter and small acts of kindness make a difference. 

In 2022, the yetis visited classrooms all over NJ. Teachers from hundreds of schools signed up to be included in the test program we introduced. In addition to schools, we partnered with non-profits in our “pass the yeti” program.

Locally, AWA and Oaks Integrated Care were chosen to be the recipients of the goods donated from the yeti project. We have also created a family plan that can be purchased by those who want the yet inside and can participate with the acts of kindness calendar. 

We hope to see the yeti become a household staple for the month of December for years to come!

Visit our homepage to learn more.