If you’re detail-oriented like I am… then you know stationery matters. When planning an event one of the decisions you will have to make is how to inform your guests of the party details. Will you be mailing invitations or will you need other paper decor items? If so, what kind of paper is right for your event? 

Choosing the right paper for your stationery

Choosing the right kind of paper for your stationery can seem overwhelming. There are many different finishes; smooth, linen, felt, eggshell, and cotton. Is paperweight important? Between 80lb, 110lb, to 120lb. There are lots of options to choose from.  

Let’s break down the most popular paper finishes. A smooth finish is clean, crisp, and has no texture. This type of paper is best when printing graphics and is the most popular paper finish.

Linen paper has a more elegant finish. It has a raised feeling to it from being embossed with pattern rollers. Felt finishes have their own unique texture similar to bumpy watercolor paper. Eggshell paper is luxurious and thick. Its texture is a mixture of felt and smooth. Paper will also usually list what weight it is. Copy paper, for reference, is 20lb. When printing cards or invitations you really want a paperweight that is sturdy and not too flimsy. You should be looking at a paper that is 110lb or 120lb. A 70lb or 80lb paper weight would be good for notecards or notepad paper.

Party Invitation Stationary

Choosing the right color and design for your stationery could also be a difficult decision. Stationery can come in a variety of colors. There are many variations of just white and ivory colors. You could also choose to incorporate bold colors. Bold colors can be included in the card itself, the design, or even the envelope liner.

Matching invitation stationery to your event theme

Matching the colors of your stationery to your event theme will make the whole experience cohesive. You’ll want to look at what other colors are being used in your event and try to match coordinating colors to your stationery. 

Invitation Stationary Cardstock

Party Table Setup Stationary

There are many ways to make your stationery unique to your event. Stationery is a great way to show off a little bit of what your event is going to offer. Invitations are often the very first impression your guests will get of your event.

To stand out you can use different types of paper or envelopes. Have a personalized monogram designed that will be repeated throughout the event. There are a few common mistakes that people make when ordering stationery. One is not ordering a sample. If you are trying to match the theme or colors of your event, receiving a sample will help you to know if it will match. Also ordering too late. 

The designing and printing process takes time.

Party Invitation Stationary Design

You will also need assembly time. You won’t want to rush or have to pay rush shipping costs.

Wedding invitations should be ordered about 6 months out. Other party stationery won’t have to be purchased that far in advance but when ordering, make sure you give enough time for your guests to receive their invitations. Not ordering enough is another common mistake.

Once you receive your order you will likely not have time to order anymore. So you will want to make sure you order enough the first time. Personalized stationery can add that special look to your event. It feels like a special handwritten momento, making it become something to be treasured and become a keepsake for guests. Stationery can become memorabilia of your special event.

Something that you and your guests can keep to remember your special moment. When you are ready to begin the process of ordering your stationery we would be happy to help explain the process and how to get started.

You will need the main party information such as names, party times, addresses, and any other information for your party guests that you would like to include. We will then walk through the details such as colors, paper type, and design work.

Once all the information has been collected a proof will be completed and either emailed or texted to you for approval. Adjustments can be made from there and once you give the final approval it will be sent to the printer.

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