Back to School!

Every year it seems like back to school sales start earlier in the summer than the previous year! Adults and children will typically begin to get ready for the new school year in August. 

Instead of greeting it with “oh no back to school already,” let’s discuss some fun easy tips that you can do to get yourself back in the swing of things starting the week before school actually starts. 

It is important to get all of your shopping done early, last minute shopping can leave you with few options for the things you may want or need! Planning ahead will help to ensure you have all of the necessary items you want for the new year! By starting early you will save yourself the headache of shopping around at different stores, ordering online and hoping your items come in time or having to go without until your desired items are back in stock! This also shows your children time management, proper planning, and being responsible. 

At Days 2 Remember we begin preparing for back to school set ups early in the summer to ensure they will be perfect for the start of the school year in late August through September! We allow for self pickup and drop off to help ease the stress of that first week, and we work with many schools and PTA’s to have beautiful lawn signs placed for the first week of school. 

A few back to school tips to make the first day less stressful 

  • Start an exciting countdown! One similar to what you would do for the holidays. 
  •  Help your children mentally make space for the new year, perhaps sit down and jot down a few goals with them for what they are hoping comes from this school year. This will give you an opportunity to hear them, and understand more fully if there are fears going into this year and work with them on coping strategies. 
  • Plan your photo op, know where you’re standing and give yourself extra time that morning to snap that picture. Have a rain plan if your pictures involve going outside. 
  • Pick out the first day of school outfit before that morning. 
  • Have a plan! After a few weeks of having an off schedule its hard to get kids back into the swing of things. Chat with them the week prior to the first day about the game plan. This will help prepare them mentally and emotionally for the change of the school season.  
  • Decide on breakfast together. Part of the plan would be discussing the breakfast menu for that morning, no one has time to make 3 different breakfasts and without the proper prep , you’re sure to be leaving late or someone in tears. 
  • Pack lunches the night before. Having lunches packed and ready to go, will make getting that picture perfect moment possible. 
  • Start setting the alarm and getting everyone up at the new time a week before. Help ease them into the change and a morning routine. After waking up do all the similar task you would to leave the house and perhaps finish it off with some summer reading. 
  • Get them excited! It’s a new year and so much opportunity awaits them!  Help them see the joy and starting the next year of school. 

We believe in celebrating every step of the journey, that days 2 remember is each day and we want to help others find and be able to celebrate the moment that is now.  We offer one of a kind yard signs and balloon displays to help start the school year off right! Send your children off on their first day with a picture perfect yard card (that you will not have to set up if you choose to hire our service instead of a self pickup!)

Celebrating the first day of school with a yard sign or balloon display is sure to put a smile on your child’s face! It will serve as a photo spot before you send them off for their new school year!

Here are few ideas we have done in the past:

Welcome Back to School Yard Display

Back to School Yard Sign

Welcome Back MFS Back to School Display

Back to School Teachers Lawn Sign Display

We love our teachers sign


The school year fly’s by quickly! Check out our end of school year and graduation displays now!


You can order one of our back to school displays, work with us to create a custom designed sign, or order balloons to add more joy to the first day of school. Simply call us at 856-857-8266 or request a free quote today!


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