Have you considered taking professional photos with yard cards?

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yard cards

Are you a photographer or someone looking to have professional pictures taken with a beautiful, clever backdrop? Here are tips to consider: 

  • Signs are fun, imaginative props, customized to make your vision come to life.
  • An affordable way to personalize your photos! 
  • If you are a photographer, our signs are easy to store and transport. 
  • The end result is great images to share on social media!

Yard Cards Are Great Props for Professional Photographers

Imaginative yard cards are great props for professional photographers–and their photo shoots. 

Signs add a dash of fun for the clients and help them open up and show their vibrant personalities for the event. It makes a professional shoot less intimidating–and more fun–to new clients. They can even help pick out their favorite backgrounds to hype up the event!

Make it a hands-on experience, and you’ll be more likely to capture their wonderful personalities in the shots.

As the photographer, you can also use these props for years to come without a lot of wear-and-tear. They are less bulky than other options, too, so you can have a wider variety of themes to offer. Some other themes you might consider are holidays, milestone birthdays, birth announcements, or anniversaries.

How One South Jersey Photographer Incorporated Yard Cards Into Her Business

Jennifer, a South Jersey photographer, loves incorporating yard signs as props. Here’s her testimonial:

“I recommend Days 2 Remember signs for not only my personal use to celebrate special events/holidays, but also for my photography business. I love doing outdoor sessions, especially with themes.

I purchased a Christmas tree that I used for one of my set ups for my Christmas mini sessions.It just really completed the feeling I was trying to get across in my photos. I loved that it was easy to set up and light to transport. I have rented from Bobbi, but for my business it made sense to buy so I can use it for  the following years. 

I am a traveling photographer and it makes it easy on my prop load. I was so happy with my tree and how durable it was, I decided to purchase my Easter Bunny prop in January. 

I can’t wait to use it! I am so happy with Bobbi’s services, I will always recommend Days 2 Remember to everyone! The work is beautiful and the prices are great! Thank you again!” 


Surprise your partner with décor to celebrate your anniversary, and hire a photographer to capture the special moment together!

Yard Cards Can Help You Create A Splash on Social Media

Professional photos with yard cards will make you stand out on social media. It’s a one-of-a kind way to capture the essence of your business for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Here are three reasons to consider using your yard card for social media:

  • Vibrant and imaginative: it’s a new way to share a message
  • Eye-catching: it’s not just another 2D graphic
  • Sends a clear message to followers: they know the point of your post quickly

Photos of these unique props will work wonders for your online marketing (and locally from your yard, too)!

Add Yard Cards to Your Next Photography Session

Incorporate yard cards in your next photography session. We have a variety of themed signs to offer to make this experience a Day 2 Remember.