Birthday lawn signs are a unique and stylish way to celebrate anyones birthday. The fact of the matter is that no matter what their age, everyone loves seeing their name in big letters! 

There is no better feeling than waking up on your special day to a home made breakfast, checking your phone and seeing a bunch of happy birthday messages, then looking out your window to see a personalized birthday lawn sign with your name on it!

People always say, when it comes to Birthdays (and gifts in general) it’s always the thought that counts. At Days2Remember, we believe this to be true – and it’s part of our core philosophy. What better way to show your loved one that you are thinking about them, than to rent a birthday yard card displaying their Name/Nickname, favorite hobbies – or an inside joke!

Recent examples of themed Birthday Lawn Signs

Here’s an example from an 8 year old’s birthday:

Spiderman Birthday Lawn Signs

As you can see… Mason loves Spiderman!

When it comes to customization – you have tons of options. From choosing their favorite colors, to adding additional signs with their hobbies displayed – it will truly be their birthday sign!

Check out another birthday lawn sign in South Jersey from earlier last month:

Vegas Jackpot Birthday Lawn Signs

This family opted for a Las Vegas/casino themed birthday lawn sign (perfect for those slots or black jack lovers). It’s so fun to watch how creative our customers get when coming up with the initial concepts.

When it comes to the birthday lawn signs, you can customize:

  • The colors of the letters and background
  • Adding fun props like party hats or sunglasses
  • Adding additional signs with hobbies, sports teams, pets, etc.
  • Changing the message to be more specific (i.e. “Happy 40th Birthday!”)

It’s simple – just choose your design, add your customizations and we’ll set it up for you perfectly in your front or back yard – ready for their big day!

Still not convinced a birthday lawn sign might be the best gift?

Here are 5 Quick pros on renting a birthday yard card:

 1. Your loved one will be surprised!

Waking up to a personalized birthday lawn sign is a truly unique and wonderful experience.

2. It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Not only will your loved one get to enjoy their sign for their birthday, but they will get to keep the photos as a memento of their special day.

3. Birthday Lawn Signs are typically affordable.

And they happen to be so thoughtful that they can honestly serve as the primary/only gift you give. Typically – you can expect to pay between $100-300 for a basic rental.

4. You can add extra signs for their hobbies and make it even more personal.

For example, if they love golf, you could add a “Happy Birthday (insert name here)! We hope you have a hole in 1!” sign that goes perfectly beside there.

5. It’s hands free!

Aside from making a phone call and choosing the sign you want to rent – the rest of the process is hands free. Delivery & Pickup are taken care of for you!

It’s honestly one of the easiest and most thoughtful ways to surprise someone on their special day. We have clients that come back to us on a yearly basis for a different family member each time! It’s quite incredible to see the impact a ‘simple sign’ can have on a person’s day. It’s also always a treat when we run into past clients and they show us their family photos posing with the sign, years and years later. 

If you’re located in South Jersey, Parts of PA or Delaware… What are you waiting for?

Get started today and make this year’s birthday celebration one to remember! Get a free quote here.

Also, take a look at some more examples on our Instagram!