Stork sign rentals are a unique baby shower gift! One that is thoughtful, modern, and serves a purpose. Tired of the mundane baby shower registries that by the time you get to it the gifts are only too expensive or too cheap?  Instead give the gift that says it all with little work on your part! 

Last minute gift? No problem. No shipping needed, no duplicates, returns or headaches. All you have to do is make a phone call or fill out a form and your gift is ready The moms of today are all about the “experience,”  realizing that throughout the years material gifts or ‘things’ simply start to pile up. They are requesting gifts that help them make memories and as we know the days are long but the years are short. 

Modern mom or traditional mom there is one thing we can all agree on, we will never regret making the memories. So with this shift of “present parenting” we are seeing baby shower invites that request  “ a book” instead of “a card.” A clothes line is also a common trend, how about those diaper raffles? AND don’t forget the invites that request “a green shower gift, no wrapping needed.” 

Imagine showing up to one of these “modern” baby showers with a beautiful flower pot and stork rental gift certificate? OR go the next step and purchase one of the mini storks which they can bring to the hospital to announce their new baby on their side table, and when they arrive home the real thing is proudly standing on the front lawn. 

Stork Sign Rental with Keepsake Bundle on Counter

It’s the gift that will keep on giving, a memory that they will never forget, and a gift that will commemorate the moment a new family walks into their home for the first time.  Sold? Ready to bring this theory to reality? Now you can with unique stork rentals from Days2Remember!

  Stork Sign Rental South Jersey baby boy blue

Why gift stork birth announcement?

Stork signs are a popular choice for a birth announcement, because they make the picture announcement for social medial and the baby book. They also let the neighbors know there is a new kid on the block. Many customers share with us the amount of beautiful cards and gifts they receive from the neighborhood thanks to their stork sign rental. 

With so many different variations – finding a suitable stork rental will not be difficult when working with us. We have a beautiful brochure and extraordinary fleet ready to welcome the newest member.  In fact it’s very possible that if you are in the south jersey area that you have admired our storks sitting on a neighbors lawn or a yard as you drive by, chances are it was a stork sign rental from Days2remember.

We have an incredible array of storks that we work with, allowing our clients to bring their unique stork sign  to life! Like every baby our storks are created to be personalized to fit the personality  of each family. 

striped old fashion female stork sign

How do I order a stork?

Stork signs can often be in flight and  on the lawn within 24 hours. However, if you know you would  like to rent a stork lawn sign it’s best to contact us to discuss your birth announcement and as we approach your date we can be sure to reserve the pieces that will make your stork birth announcement extra special.  You can place an order either online here or by giving your local stork handler a call or text 856-857-8266 

Things to keep in mind 

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a stork lawn sign:

Placement of your stork rental The stork should be placed in the yard or grass area as close to the venue or home  as possible so that it is visible. . We do offer bases for areas that do not have a lawn or if you would like to host your friendly stork inside, however, this is a detail we need to know before delivery. 

Timing of your stork sign delivery We cannot put the stork on the lawn until the baby is born because we will need to personalize their keepsake bundle. BUT we still can have the rest of your order details in place.  

Additionally, We have many great options to add on for big brother or big sister and fur babies! We also have storks or teddy bears to help celebrate grandparents! What a way to welcome a grandchild ! 

Some Examples of Popular Stork Rentals

Twin Stork Yard Sign for baby girls

New Baby Stork Yard Sign

Stork Birth Announcement

Family Posing with Stork Lawn Sign and baby

Just look at how happy everyone looks standing next to their beautiful stork display with their newest addition to the family in arms. A truly unforgettable moment, and one of the reasons we love doing what we do at Days2remember.

These are just a few of the most popular stork sign choices that we offer. We also have a wide variety of options, and styles to choose from.  Don’t believe us ? See what your local community is saying about their stork rentals!