Balloon displays are an easy way to create an unforgettable first impression of your party! A well-put-together balloon display will draw the attention of your guests, work as a decorative focal point, and is an easy photo backdrop for group and individual pictures. 

What events do balloon displays work for? 

Balloon decorations can be displayed at nearly every event when planned out and executed correctly. Balloons are most frequently used at birthday parties, corporate events, schools, fundraisers, showers, and weddings! Balloons are a very versatile decoration- if you can imagine a design a skilled balloon artist will be able to execute your desired balloon display. There are endless possibilities when designing balloon arches, centerpieces, and accent decor!

Here are a handful of the dozens of different displays you can turn into balloon displays:

  • Arches
  • Garlands
  • Backdrops
  • Staircases
  • Marquee letters
  • Columns
  • Centerpieces

How do you decide which type of balloon decor to use? 

If you are considering a balloon display you will likely have an idea of your event’s theme and color scheme in mind, balloons are very versatile in the fact that most colors are already widely available and more specific colors are able to be achieved by “doubling” the balloons with 2 different colors to achieve your desired look.

To make a balloon display your own there are ways to personalize your display by adding vinyl to your latex balloons or incorporating mylar or foil balloons. Mylar or foil balloons can be added to balloon displays to accent the theme of your event- whether you choose to add numbers to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, letters to spell out something specific, or themed balloons to add an additional dimension to your display! Starburst balloons, themed characters or symbols, and foil orbs are a few examples of some of the add-ons that can be included in your display to add another dimension to make your display really pop.

To decide which display you would prefer it is most important to consider the display’s placement. Where will I hang this garland? Is there adequate length and height available indoors for an arch? These are just a few details to consider when choosing your display. 

After you have decided on placement the next step will be to pick your design. Would you prefer a more traditional, uniform display created with one-size balloons or an organic balloon display made up of balloons of all sizes?

Personally, our team prefers organic displays because of the dimension and fullness that the different balloon sizes add to the display. 

When deciding on your balloon display it is important to consider the space your event will be held. Some venues will not allow any items to be attached to the walls, it is important to ensure there is adequate space for the display that is desired. If your event is outside it is very important to ensure that your design will stand up to the elements, in the event of extreme heat, direct sunlight or rain balloons can begin to break down which will result in eventual popping and will alter the look of your display. On warm or rainy days it is a good idea to have balloons set up under a covering or in the shade to slow or stop the process of the balloons breaking down. 

Awesome Balloon Displays Ideas for Inspiration

Check out these awesome examples of balloon displays in action all over south jersey in the last few months.

Wedding Couple Balloon Display Married Balloons

Wedding Arch Balloon Display

Wedding balloon display in Deptford NJ. We vinyl and mylar balloons to bring the bride’s design vision to life.

Baptism Balloon Display

Above is a first birthday & baptism balloon display designed to match a “wild one” theme for this event held in a trendy venue in Ardmore PA.

Backyard Balloon Display

Barnyard backyard birthday party. Printed balloons, mylar cows, and yard cards were added to this display to create a picture-perfect backdrop.

Marquee Letter Balloon Display

Home Decor Balloons Indoor Balloon Display

These balloons were used throughout the house and back patio for added decor for this baby shower in tabernacle NJ. Balloons on marquee letters, garlands over door frames, over the fireplace, and in the entryway of the back door.

Baby Shower Balloon Display

Over the moon baby shower display with latex and foil balloons on a grass wall in Wenonah NJ.

Space Birthday Theme Balloon Display

Galaxy display for a birthday party in Oaklyn, NJ. Latex balloon base with starburst and other foil balloons. 260 balloons used to create planets.

Rainbow Balloon Display

Boho rainbow display in cherry hill NJ. Latex balloons are used to create complementing flowers in each of the color-blocked sections

Colorful Ballon Display for Back2School

2 Column Colorful Balloon Display

Back-to-school displays for 2022 and 2023! The same colors and materials were used to create 2 totally different displays.

Princess Event Magical Balloon Display

A magical princess event with a balloon display fit for a castle!

These are just a few of the hundreds of balloon display set-ups we’ve done over the past couple of years. No event is complete without one of our beautiful, colorful balloon display. 

In conclusion, Balloon Displays are perfect for any event

They’re fun, colorful, lightweight, and generally affordable. What’s there not to love?! If you’re looking for more inspiration before your next event, check out Instagram

If you need advice or want to inquire about your own display – request a free quote!