‘Why is Party Planning so Important?’

When gearing up to plan your party there are a few mistakes to keep in mind and try to avoid! Keeping a level head and staying organized is necessary to stay stress-free though the party planning process. Planning ahead, creating a timeline, and thinking ahead about potential hiccups you may encounter the day of will help decrease your stress and allow you to enjoy the event as a guest when it’s time to party! 

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid:


1. Not Planning your Party Early Enough

When planning your party we at Days2Remember recommend flushing out a rough timeline and keeping notes on the details you want to see come to life at your event! Starting with the date of choice (and rain date if necessary!), the theme for the event, budget, location, and desired guests! Once you start your list and the ideas you have for the event you will then begin to see your ideas come to life.

As the event date comes closer make a second list detailing the tasks you need to complete the day of the party. Accounting for and assigning the tasks ahead of time will help to prevent you from forgetting any details you wanted to include!

By planning ahead you will save yourself the stress at set up and the potential disappointment of missing minor details that you planned for to bring the theme of your event together.

2. Not enough entertainment/food 

When hosting a party it is important to plan out your menu ahead of time and keep the theme in mind. Most people would not expect to have a 3-course sit-down meal at a backyard “two sweet” themed birthday party- for an event like that our suggestion would be to create a show-stopping dessert table for your guest to enjoy!

Having music playing in the background is an important detail that should not be overlooked. Have a playlist created that can be put on and forgotten about. If you are planning to have other entertainers come to perform at your event be sure to communicate with them about what they will require for set up time, the amount of space they require and expect, as well as any rules you should know ahead of time to communicate to your guests.

Keep it fun and light – check out this vegas themed party:

free-standing balloon garland over staircase - party planning

3. Set-up Time

When choosing your event location it is important to ask any venue you choose the set-up time you will be given before the event. Being that most places only allocate one hour for set up it is important to be sure you (and your vendors) will have enough time to properly execute your designs! This may require asking the venue for more time to set up or bringing in extra help the day of to set up.

4. Choosing the wrong party rental company

When hiring an event or party rental company it is important to ask them if they are licensed and insured before you book with them. Some venues will not allow companies to come in and set up if that company is not properly insured. There are many rules and regulations that event rental companies must follow for both their protection and yours! Rentals such as amusement rides and bounce houses must be properly inspected by the State for safety.

When you are looking to hire a company to execute your theme, keep in mind the team they have working with them! Emergencies, illness, and unexpected life events happen! If the company is a team of one, your event will be impacted by their inability to show up due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you decide to use multiple vendors for your event it is important to express your vision clearly. Create and share a Pinterest board, send them your ideal color scheme, and let them know who else you are working with to ensure your party details match seamlessly.

5. Event Space

When choosing your venue make sure the space offered will fit your needs! Plan to account for table space, decor space, and entertainment space. When planning your event it is important to plan accordingly for the seasons. If you decide to host your event in a tent you should plan to have four walls available in case of rain, heaters for the colder months, and fans or air conditioning for the warmer months! Most tent rental companies will offer these services.

Round Party Table - Party Rental

In conclusion… Planning the perfect, idyllic event can be a difficult process. By planning ahead and being mindful of the points listed in this article you may avoid unnecessary stressors on the day of your event.