What is a birth announcement sign?

A birth announcement sign is set up on the lawn to celebrate the homecoming of the new baby! A sign is a unique baby announcement that serves as a welcome home when the family arrives home together.

What are my options for birth announcements?

Traditionally, a stand alone stork has been used to welcome home a new baby! This tradition has been evolving over time and parents now are being welcomed home in more personalized and unique ways. With Days 2 Remember, in addition to the stork the customer has the option to choose themes, phrases, and add additional pieces to the display. Parents who receive a stork from us are given a truly unique, one of a kind display that has been curated for them with the help of the person ordering the display. 

In addition to the stork we can add the words welcome home, congratulations, new baby, it’s a boy/girl, or a custom phrase. We also have specially designed signs for siblings, pets and grandparents.

10 Awesome Examples Of Stork Birth Announcement Signs 

Days 2 Remember has a collection of themed storks to choose from! Below is an example of some of the storks in our collection! Each stork has a male and female display- perfect for boy/girl twin announcements or to use the matching stork in the future when welcoming home new baby’s future siblings!

stork birth announcement, Baby Girl

Oh Baby! Our traditional girl stork. Perfect for a baby girl

It's a boy - Baby Announcement

Traditional boy stork! Perfect for a baby boy.

Adventure Girl - You are our greatest adventure

Pearl themed stork for your new little lady!

Adventure Boy - You are our greatest adventure

Bowtie stork for your new little gentleman!

Stork Sign South Jersey

Rainbow baby girl for you new little miracle!

Welcome Baby female stork sign

Butterfly themed stork for new baby girl!

Bumblebee boy birth announcement sign

Bumblebee themed boy stork!

It's a boy - Baby Announcement

Spring themed baby boy

stork birth announcement, Baby Girl

Spring themed baby girl

These are just a handful of the dozens of different customization options available to you when looking to rent your stork birth announcement. Given that a child’s birth is one of the most intimate, special moments in life – it’s important that your vision is reflected in the final product! We have clients who come back to us years later showing us the beautiful family photos they took with their child and family. 

Curious to see more examples? Check out our Instagram!

What to include when ordering a birth announcement sign

When ordering your stork it is important to know what information you want displayed on your bundle. Baby’s name, height, weight, date and time of birth are used for your keepsake bundles. Some choose to use the phrase ‘it’s a boy/girl’ in place of personalization. The choice is truly up to you!

We’ve helped hundreds of soon to be moms and families celebrate the birth of their loved one… and we’d love to help you too! Please feel free to reach out with any questions and visit our website to learn more.