In this artcle, we will cover the following topics

  1. What are stork rentals and what are the benefits of having one
  2. How much do a stork rentals cost and what factors influence the price
  3. How to choose the right stork rental company for your needs
  4. What kind of storks are available for rent and what do they look like
  5. What kind of accessories are included in a stork rental package
  6. How to prepare for the arrival of your stork

What are stork rentals and what are the benefits of having one?

A stork rental is a large birth announcement typically placed on the front lawn of the new parents or grandparents home to announce the arrival of a sweet baby. Storks birth announcements are a tradition that is over 100 years olds which have been modernized over the years to include keepsakes, creating picture perfect scenes for social media photos! 

Years ago, people would mail out birth announcements to share with friends and family but as social media has continued to work its way into our everyday lives a tradition such as a lawn ornament has now also made a way to share with our social networks on the internet. 

The keepsake Bundle seen pictured below is a beautiful way to not only share the first details of baby but to keep and incorporate in birthday pictures for years to come! 

Sister Brother Stork Signs

How much do stork rentals cost and what factors influence the price

Stork rentals like any service range in pricing. Honestly, the price difference is going to contribute to the look and value you have when it comes to announcing the birth of a child. We have seen stork rentals anywhere from $75 – $450 + depending on the cost for travel. 

Our stork rentals start at $125.00 as we are priced accurately for the market and the value of our birth announcements. Our stork rentals are not the old fashioned wood which wear and splinter over time. Though our stork still has the magical feel of the cartoon stork it also has an updated moderinzed image that doesn’t look hand drawn and tacky. 

Our birth announcements were designed with the intention to beautifully celebrate a new  baby. With our trademarked image you can still find us in a variety of states. Due to different travel distances etc. you will find different pricing. What is important when shopping for your stork birth announcement is that you compare the picture value of the stork you are shopping. All storks are not created equal and you will be sure to understand why the prices range as you compare stork rental companies especially stork rental companies in NJ. 

How to choose the right stork sign rental company for your needs

1. You want to check the location.

In google search “stork rental near and your zip code.” Hopefully you have more than a handful pop up. Check their google rating, see if others have left reviews and read through them. Next, click their website. Is it up to date? Modern? Maintained?

2. Review their social links and look to see if they are still active.

When was their last picture posted? If over a year ago that is not a good sign. If recent then they are still in flight. 

3. Check out their pricing.

What are they exactly offering? We typically offer 7 day rental including a baby’s keepsake. Is the keepsake important to you? Look to see their keepsake pictures, the quality, color, etc. We use top quality materials that are sure to last and give you the ability to share your baby’s keepsake bundle with them year after year. 

4. Look at what other options they offer.

Do you have a sibling involved? How about a dog you love? Would you like more than the stork? Have you seen the storks with the mini displays around their feet? Those clouds are just adorable! How about at night ? Would you like your stork to light pink or blue? Not many stork companies in NJ will offer all of these options here at Days 2 Remember, we understand the importance of these options and just how much more special they can make your birth announcement! 

5. Fill out a ‘get a quote form‘ or give them a call.

We love to chat with our customers and learn more about your unique birth announcement. It’s why our storks have soooo many options, everything from the traditional stork birth announcement to the 90s themed, baseball themed, new years baby, etc. Though this is a rental item we want you to feel how personalized and special each birth announcement is to us.  I always suggest calling because its a good way to make sure you like the company and person who will be delivering such a special item to your home. 

6. Confirm their turnaround time.

We like to get birth announcements on the calendar when you know you will definitely want to book. Our process is to begin holding the stork on the due date. We get all the logistics out of the way so that you or someone else can simply text us babys details and tell us the delivery date. We deliver 7 days a week Monday through Friday except major holidays which we plan around. You want to go with a company that is going to make this process smooth and easy and the only way to be sure is to confirm they actually have a process . We take our role in welcoming home baby very serious and have a sure way to make sure mistakes on details and delivery do not happen and you can be sure of this by the hundreds of reviews you can find on our media from other local families. 

7. Place your order!

When working with Days2remember, you can expect a fantastic experience. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome home that baby . Please reach out for other additional questions! 

What kind of storks are available for rent and what do they look like

We have all the storks and are always adding to our selection:

butterfly themed lady stork

blue polkadot stork sign

Custom Girl Stork Beach Themed

Winter Theme Stork Rentals

These are just a couple of the dozens of different options you have when it comes to your stork rentals. Curious to see more? Check out our Stork Gallery!

What kind of accessories are included in a stork rental package

Stork packages are built a la carte. We are all about you personalizing and having choice around how you announce your sweet baby. You can choose anything from just the stork or our platinum “welcome baby “ package. You can add things like 

  • Your choice of stork model (many available)
  • A mini display
  • A pink or blue light 
  • Sibling package 
  • Grandparent package
  • I love you keepsake greeting card 
  • Keepsake personalized pieces for your pets 
  • 100% custom designs if ordered before 10 days of baby’s arrival (yes we can do these and keep them ready to go for when baby arrives)

How to prepare for the arrival of your stork

The arrival of your stork should be very simple. Once you text baby’s info and share the date you would like for delivery, the company should confirm address and location , request if you have a preference for landing and then stork should be delivered as you have specified with completion of landing including a picture for you to to forever cherish. 

Storks are a fantastic gift option from grandparents, aunts , uncles, brothers, sisters, co workers, etc. If you are considering a birth announcement and not sure where to start we can walk you through this fabulous process. Give us a call or get a quote today!


If you would enjoy reading more about how to select the best stork rental for you, this blog goes more in-depth on stork rentals!