About Us

About Us

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you

After all. 
You are the only one who knows 
what my heart sounds like from the inside.

Our Story

Welcome, to MeMe's Workshop, where anything is possible and magic happens!

We are a mother-daughter duo, whose mission is to help families celebrate, in our opinion, one of life’s the biggest blessings, the birth of a child

baby gifts

We understand and respect that families are made and completed in a variety of ways. I, myself (Bobbi) experienced infertility, and eventually welcomed our daughter, Adia Lee, April of 2018. MeMe is my mommy, and she wears many hats; full-time mom, nurse, wife, and THE MEME!

Days to Remember is built on the foundation of what we believe to be the essence and strength of an individual, their family. Deep-rooted in tradition and love, our creations represent our truth; that each child is born with a purpose and should be celebrated.

When we transitioned from hospital to home, the task of getting our little human from point A to point B seemed daunting. As we packed to leave the hospital,  we left behind anything that was nonessential. Sadly, many of our beautiful flowers and balloons decorated the nurse’s station rather than our home. ‘

Unique Baby Gift

In the days following our daughters  birth, our primary purpose became keeping our little person; happy, fed, dry, and warm. We quickly discovered the gifts we most appreciated were the useful gifts such as; receiving blankets and diapers.
So MeMe and I got to thinking, what if, we could provide practical options to celebrate and welcome new life?
And so, a few days after Adia Lee was born, Days to Remember was born too!

Please use our contact page or email us directly days2rememberpro@gmail.com for additional questions. Thanks for stopping and congratulations!

Customer Review

I purchased the Adia Lee for my daughters baby shower and it was simply beautiful! Not only was it a gift that I knew she would be able to use, but it also made a gorgeous table display. Wish I had purchased a few more for the table arrangements. ​
Betsy A
If you are trying to decide which vase to purchase go with the Avery Anne! This vase is spectacular and will not disappoint. What I loved most about this vase is the ability to become a fairy garden in the nursery or for older siblings a dual gift, diapers for the baby and the garden for big brother or sister.​
diaper bouquet
Debbie S
I am the Office Manager for a dentist office and over the last 3 months we have had 3 of our employees go out on maternity leave. We love these vases! The cost is affordable and the different styles allow us to find one that best represents each new mom. ​
Baby gift, Diaper bouquet
Carrie D
Office Manager


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