“…The days are long but the years are short, these are the days to remember…”

The Bow that grows with you!

Sooo many bows and never the right one? Yeah, we know! Actually that’s one of the reasons we exist but don’t worry mama we have the perfect product for you! 

Get started from day 1 with our “newborn starter pack.” This pack includes 3 nylons; pink, black, and nude for only $10 or get 1 for $4.

Here is how it works
Buy your bows separately and clip them onto one of our nylons and as baby grows her bow grows with her! 

Fast forward to 2+ and we offer our “wear that bow” headband pack. Grab 3 headbands; black, white, and grey! 

This option allows you to wear any of our bows

  • as a clip by itself
  • or as a nylon to fit soft and comfortably on baby’s head
  • or as a headband for those big girls too cool for nylons.